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OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail


OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail
By Scott Wright Google

OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail – Orlando Florida – The City Of Orlando refers to the Orange Blossom Trail as “OBT” and “OBT Area” is the area West of the actual high rise area downtown City of Orlando. Us locals call it “The Trail” or “The O”.

OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail

 This area, is very mixed to say the least. Some of the very best things about Orlando and some of the very worst things such as crime make this area a very active and opportunity rich zones. Especially in real estate Deals.


OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail

The OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail is personally one of my favorite areas OBT Area Real Estate Fast Cash Contractin Central Florida. Most real estate investors chose to stay away from this area. While some of the most powerful forward thinking real estate investors parcel huge portions of this area up in advance of future City development projects. If you are one of these individuals then you and I know who you are already and that is all that matters. My hat is off to those of us who have made the decision to try to invest and improve this long neglected area called the OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail area.

OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail commercial investing - The area has some really incredible commercial land and building opportunities.


Some of these properties have some EPA issues. Although this can be a challenge at first the rewards of purchasing and developing a parcel with EPA issues can be quite massive. Especially if you are only looking at hydrocarbon fuels and oil contamination.

Willy’s Strip Club Across The Street

These clean ups can be quite cheap in comparison to other types of EPA issues in the OBT Area. Issues such as the ones caused by old time laundry mats using Trichloroethylene aka: “Trike” or “Triky” which are truly impossible to fix.

SEE MORE: About OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail EPA Issues – Click Here

I love OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail Real Estate!

buy my house

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Huge Warehouse Fire Behind 2200 S. Orange Blossom Trail

Looking all Detroit Up In Here!

This guy walking and speaking Truth about OBT Area Orange Blossom Trail

So many prostitutes in the OBT Area too!

Enjoy exploring this website called OBT Area (OBTArea.com) I am always adding more content and more great deals. I can also add a page about you, your business or opportunity. Feel free to contact me. Any of the numbers on this website will reach me directly.

Florida Home Staging Accessories


Florida Home Staging Accessories
By Scott Wright Google

I buy and sell homes and it has often occurred to me that home staging is the best possible scenario for selling my houses. The first issue for me has always been where to find good Florida home staging accessories. The second issue is where to find those good Florida home staging accessories cheap. Hopefully, I am about to help you locate some excellent Florida home staging accessories cheap. (See what we have here)

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Florida Home Staging Accessories Available

Florida home staging accessoriesIn preparation for my home staging adventures I started packing away some excellent Florida home staging accessories for myself. You know, left over garage sale stuff I picked up and things I have found along the way that I could use to stage my houses when they are ready to sell. Some of these things just sit around so I was thinking of allowing others to grab up some of them to use in their own home staging efforts. Heck, I like to share. So, I am giving it a try. (See what we have here)

Simple Access To Cheap Florida Home Staging Accessories

The only issue I might have with listing my available Florida home staging accessories is this: I don’t have a ton of time to list each item and then track it. So, what I suggest is that you bookmark this Good Dogspage and check in often to see what I have listed. At the prices I list this stuff I am sure much of it is going to vanish very quickly. I will do my very best to put a “SOLD” sign on each item as it sells so that you will instantly know if it is available or not. So please, do check in. The best way to do this is subscribe to my RSS FEED here.

Happy Florida home staging folks! I hope you enjoy my Florida home staging accessories. The idea is to keep these items super cheap so if you agree to meet me to pick up these items please SHOW UP ON TIME. Thanks!

Scott Wright


(See what we have here)
furniture near obt area



OBT Area Employment Options


OBT Area Employment Options
Orange Blossom Trail area employment options
By Scott Wright Google

OBT Area employment income

Stressed out? Worried about money? The Orange Blossom Trail area does not have any jobs for you or any way for you to make some money. Stuck at the house with no way to make some cash. Well, that is normal for the OBT Area. That is why you need to take matters into your own hands all the time. I want to share with you something you can start up at home or anywhere you are.

Get Paid – Any City, Any State, Any Country! Start training right now for FREE – CLICK HERE NOW!

About OBT area employment optionsOBT area employment
OBT area employment options are often very limited. So many people live in this area around Orange Blossom Trail. We are a hard working people who know how to take matters into their own hands when needed. Options are desperately needed in the Orange Blossom Trail area today. I am about to share with you an opportunity that you can run from home. You can do this!

This is a real, live legitimate business opportunity. You can run this right out of your home or even add it to your existing business. There are over 3000 ways to make money with this company and it has been in business here for 16 years now. The fact is that this is a business opportunity. A business you can run for yourself. It is a great OBT area employment option for you, your friends and your family.

Orange Blossom Trail Employment

OBT Area Employment

Save the OBT area! Start making some money and put it back into the local economy. If everyone around here starts making money together we can build our community into something fantastic. We an all drive nice cars, fix up our houses and eat great food together. There is no limits to how much money we can make or how much we can do. It is all up to you!

Taking OBT Area Employment Seriously

If you live here you already know that help has never really come to this area. Instead, we have to suffer in this area. So, I tell you today, if you take control of this for yourself you can go very far. Take it seriously, learn everything you can, team up with others and you will become a huge success using this OBT area employment opportunity. Employ yourself. Trust in yourself. Become as wealthy as you desire. You can do it!


OBT Area employment assistance


Want to see more income opportunities you can use in the Orange Blossom Trail Area? I can hook you up with even more money making help. Its right at your finger tips. I hope you clicked on the banner above. This is a great way to make money.


Orange Blossom Trail Income Assistance

Orange Blossom Trail Jobs

Free Real Estate Flipping Assistance


Free Real Estate Flipping Assistance
By Scott Wright Google

Welcome to my free real estate flipping assistance course offer.

I must start out by being very clear with you. I am NOT a real estate seminar GURU type. Instead, I am a guy who has been in the streets investing in real estate full time since 2001. How much money can you make as a real estate investor, real estate wholesaler or real estate flipper? Well, I was actually able quit my NASA career doing this on the side.

free real estate flipping assistance

 Free Real Estate Flipping Assistance

In my first three months as a real estate investor I was able to amass assets in excess of what I made in an entire year of working on rockets, the space shuttle and the International Space Station. Do you know what the funny thing about this is? Never have I ever even looked back or wished I could go back to a 9-5 job! You can make as much money as you can imagine in real estate investing.

“Honestly,the only thing that limits you is you!” ~Scott Wright

When I say that to people I know their minds start coming up with reasons why they may not succeed as a real estate investor. The reasons they come up with are usually all the same. This is why I like to offer people free real estate flipping assistance. It is like me being able to prove to others that they CAN actually do this. I like to show people for free by offering them free real estate flipping assistance that if they do not do this and succeed that they only person they have to blame is themselves. Still, even when I offer this assistance for free and try to show them FOR FREE that they can do this I hear such excuses as:

  • I have bad credit
  • I don’t have any money
  • I am not a realtor
  • I don’t have a lawyer
  • I have a family that tells me I will fail
  • I don’t know anybody
  • I have a full time job
  • I need to do the math
  • I am not handy

People can come up with so many self defeating reasons why they will fail as a real estate investor. Before they ever try. Even if it is not going to cost them anything. No matter how the free real estate flipping assistance is it is not FREE enough! It is amazing! Let me tell you this! DO NOT limit yourself with this type of thinking that I outlined above. There are so many ways to get started as a real estate investor that none of these above reasons matter. They do not matter in the least.

just give call

Every single one of these reasons applied to me at one time or another. At least, I believed they applied to me. Fact is, they did not apply to anyone. I was still able to get started and become a huge success as a private real estate investor. So can you!

I am offering you free real estate flipping assistance today.


Each day, over the next year I will send you an email. Each email will start with a positive saying or quote like this one below:

“If you’ll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives.”

Just a little positive thought to focus on during your day. The free real estate flipping assistance I offer is not limited by anything except for you. Not only do I offer free real estate flipping assistance in the form of training and tips. I also offer you real assistance in finding, funding and selling the properties you yourself want to flip. How much better could it possibly get? Well, I can tell you this. Nobody else is offering free real estate flipping assistance like I am. Free!

free flipping real estate courseI think you are going to love the way I set my free real estate flipping assistance program up for you. I have struggled to make this totally free for everyone.I wanted the average person AND EVEN the person struggling to survive to be able to afford to learn this. I have seen how this knowledge has changed the lives of people all around me. This can totally change your life. It does not matter if you are rich or even poor. You can do what I am going to teach you how to do this all by yourself.

THIS IS 100% FREE – From Me To You!

POOR OR HURTING?: If you are living out on the streets and reading this in a library or at the church. No matter how poor you think you are right now I urge you to grab hold of this opportunity. This could really change things up for you and your family. I would truly love to help you with this…

For Your Free Real Estate Flipping Assistance Training Course All You Have To Do…

Realtor Assistance Improving Sales Rates


Realtor Assistance Improving Sales Rates
By Scott Wright Google

Realtor Assistance – How to dramatically improve your sales rates, improve commission rates and real estate listings success rates. It’s free and fast too! STOP being locked down by slow moving real estate sales!

realtor assistance


realtor sales assistanceRealtor Assistance Is Here! – Have you been trying to come up with ways to improve your sales rates? I work with many Realtors each month. I have come up with some pretty creative ways to improve your sales rates. There are some very modern tactics that will quickly speed up your sales. Some, you may have never even heard of before. I use these myself to help banks liquidate their foreclosure and REO assets and this works great! So, put your thinking cap on, lower your walls for a moment and focus on what I am about to share with you. You might quickly learn how to double your sales rates for next month, next week or even tomorrow. Your sellers will love you and you might even become the top listing agent wherever your hang your license. So, listen up!


“THIS IS 100% True! It is like having your own secret power tool as a Realtor. Fast sales makes everyone happy!” ~ Scott

You might agree that for the most part the worst thing about being a Realtor is having to wait for a closing to happen in order to make a commission. Properties are listed and in most cases they sit until the exact buyer comes along and submits a purchase contract. Even then, the closing is never a guaranteed event.

REDUCE FAILED CLOSINGS! All Realtors know that many closings

realtor assistance here actually fall through and do not survive the fall. Then, as a Realtor you have to wait and pray for another buyer to come along. What if there was a way around this? What if you could get a contract on each property that would actually close quickly? What if I told you I have a very simple formula I use that makes this happen over and over again. Best of all, I will share it with you for free. No strings attached!


realtor sales assistance


What if you could list the property ~AND~ actually have it go pending the very same day? That would be a big boost to your sales rates right? I can show you a possible way to make this happen. There is no charge. This is simply how I conduct my own business. I think this might really help you. It is my way of offering Realtor Assistance and it works for everyone involved.


No strings attached – No fees – No hidden costs – 100% Clear, Concise, honest and effective!


Start Real Estate Investing


Start Real Estate Investing
By Scott Wright Google

Start real estate investing or at least start to start real estate investing. It is a decision that will lead you to fun, adventure and profits too. However, don’t just jump in to real estate investing for the money. Otherwise, you will miss out on one of the greatest life enriching experiences you could ever have.

start real estate investing

Start Real Estate Investing

When I truly think back, my decision to start real estate investing was probably really made when I was in high school. I loved hanging out on developer sites at a very young age. I lived in a very busy area of Central Florida. People were migrating to Florida in droves and the building industry for residential housing was in a mega boom status. The contractors were more then happy to hire me at a minimum wage to carry tubs, jack hammer out toilet holes, move lumber, pull wires through trusses, install shingles. When you really stop to think about it this is where I learned how to build homes. The insight has really helped me in my real estate investing. I have a keen eye when it comes to construction flaws and an excellent grip on how to repair those flaws.


start real estate investing todayI urge everyone I see to start real estate investing. The first thing people usually say is “I don’t have that kind of money!”. Which of course is the thing that holds most people back from real estate investing. However, the fact is that even people with significantly small amounts of money can invest in real estate. There are many ways to get involved.

One thing that I do to help people to start real estate investing is to purchase my real estate in Land Trusts. The land trust is an incredible tool in real estate and this tool opens up the world of real estate investing to the average person. In using a Land Trust for each property people with relatively small amounts of money can also get involved in the process. Here is an outline of how this works.

How To Start Real Estate Investing


Here is how the average person can get involved: Lets say I found a how to start real estate investingvery small property in the OBT Area of Central Florida. The house was abandoned for a long time. The roof was still good and did not leak but the home had of course been broken into and squatters had been flopping inside. So, for starts the interior is a mess. Okay, based on this I am able to purchase the home for $25,000.00 Cash. When I purchase the house I close on the property in the name of a Land Trust. The Trust at this point has 1 beneficiary (which is me) and a Trustee (gate keeper) my attorney. So lets call this the 123 OBT Trust. When I close on the property it is closed in the name of the trust: 123 OBT Trust.

CLOSING IN A TRUST (buying the property):

  • Title insurance is in the name of the Trust
  • Property insurance is in the name of the Trust
  • Power and water is established in the name of the Trust
  • Doc Stamps are in the name of the Trust
  • You get the picture… The Trust is the owner
  • Attorney is established as the Trustee (deal gatekeeper)


Before the property or even after the property is purchased a beneficiary or several beneficiaries of the Trust are established. This is based upon how much each person brought forward for the purchase and/or repairs of the property. In this case, I bought the property for $25,000.00 really fast just to secure the property. I did not bring repair funds forward yet. For the point of this discussion lets say the repairs the home needs add up to be $12,000.00. This is an opportunity for people who want to join in to the real estate investment to come in to the transaction.

For this example we have a house I purchased for $25,000.00 that needs $12,000.00 in repairs to make it worth $67,000.00

*Remember: $12,000.00 in repair funds are needed for this property

  • John has $5,000.00 to contribute
  • Mary has $1000.00 to contribute
  • Celeste has $6000.00 to contribute
  • Scott bought the house for $25,000.00

Total Basic Cost Of Property: $37,000.00 (with repairs included) AKA: “THE DEAL” Total Value Of Home After Repairs: $67,000.000


Remembering: $37,000.00 is 100% of the total Trust beneficial value that is being established at this point. This is the total price plus repairs.

  • John ($5000.00) is assigned 14% beneficial interest
  • Mary ($1000.00) is assigned 3% beneficial interest
  • Celeste ($6000.00) is assigned 16% beneficial interest
  • Scott ($25,000.00) is assigned 67% beneficial interest

So lets say the house actually does sell by owner (The Trust) to an individual buyer for a full price offer of $67,000.00 as predicted. That means everyone gets their money back that they invested FIRST! Then the profits of $30,000.00 are divided by each person’s beneficial interest percentage.

  • John Invested $5000 – He earned: 14% of the profits = $4200.00 Total he leaves with: $9200.00
  • Mary Invested $1000 – She earned: 3% of the profits = $900.00 total she leaves with: $1900.00
  • Celeste Invested $6000 – She earned: 16% of the profits = $4800.00 total she leaves with: $10,800.00
  • Scott Invested $25,000 – He earned: 67% of the profits = $20,100 total he leaves with: $45,000.00

sell my Florida house

Wow, wow wow! As you see, this can be very profitable even for Mary who only had $1000.00. She almost doubled her investment money on just one deal!!!! This is why I say “anyone can get involved and start real estate investing” It is wonderful!!!! 

Again, this is just one way I like to help people to start real estate investing. I welcome you to sign in and contact me. I am a real live person. Not some automated program or guru seminar guy. This is what I do day in and day out with my life. You are welcome to join in with me. Simply sign in and send me a reply to the email I send to you.

Florida Renovation Fun


Florida Renovation Fun
By Scott Wright Google

Florida renovation fun starts with turning something already good into something truly great. We love renovating homes in Florida and turning them into something a family can move into and enjoy.
DEAL OF THE WEEK – College Park, Florida For Only $179,000.00


Florida renovation


Freshly Completed Florida Renovation – Low Budget Project

When I share my Florida renovation photos with friends and followers the comments and reviews I receive are wonderful. I love that someone stops to appreciate what I am doing with one of my Florida renovation homes. It just means so much to me. I share my renovation photos on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and on a few of my primary blogs like this one you are reading now. www.OBTAREA.com is one of my favorite blogs that I write. Truly it is a very broad overview of what I do. Admittedly, what I do in real estate could seem very random and all encompassing to an outsider. So, why not browse around the site, follow some of my links and start considering yourself and insider.

LEARN MORE – My Florida Renovation photo journal is here. Just click.

Florida renovation crews



When my remodeling crews are not working for me (which is rare) I often will send them out to someone else’s home to do some work. If you find that you are in need of some changes at your home or one of your investment homes you can always give me a call. My crews travel all over Florida. If you are attempting to flip or sell a home this could benefit you in more then one way too! I often make cash offers on the homes we visit. So just maybe you could score some extra cash and NOT have to do all the work you were going to do. What do you have to lose? Could be a win win situation.


Please – “if you need to connect with me to purchase a home from you I can gladly send you a fast cash contract.” ~Scott


CALL ME: 214-702-2941


Florida Renovation Projects

I am very passionate about Florida Renovation projects. Since the time of my youth till now it is has been something that provides me with a very high level of satisfaction. I enjoy the small repair all the way up to the major renovation of a condemned home. Nothing is ever too small or too large. We can even bring in the heavy equipment and developers. Great friends with great skills are all around me.

Valuable Florida Renovation Links

Private Money Lending For Investment Properties

Get A ~Fast Cash Contract~ -Sell your house lightning fast!

TIPS: How To Sell Your house Fast

My Florida Renovation Photo Journal

Great Remodeled Houses For Sale – CALL ME 214-702-2941

Ugly Houses That Need Fixed – Cheap wholesale Houses



Buying Florida Houses Selling Florida Homes


Buying Florida Houses Selling Florida Homes
By Scott Wright Google

Want a great deal on a Florida home? A deal so good that others would think it was impossible? Buying Florida houses selling Florida homes is something I have prided myself on since 2001. I have many fantastic opportunities for people seeking Florida homes!

Having worked for NASA and the USAF for over 16 years, I know the importance of attention to details. This has really made it possible for me to assist Florida and families in a tremendous way, Herebuying Florida houses selling Florida homes is what I do to help stimulate the Florida economy while helping savvy home buyers to secure wonderful deals on Florida homes:

Back in 2001 I left my career at the Kennedy Space center to explore some pretty interesting options in real estate investing. My endeavors were a huge success for me. Well, so I thought at the time. Myself and many other budding investors were doing incredibly well buying Florida houses selling Florida homes. In fact, I accomplished so much that I actually started speaking as a guest speaker all over Florida on the topic of real estate investing. I was even teaching others how to start buying Florida houses selling Florida homes. Great friendships were formed and prosperity was all around us. Then, as we all know the market crashed as a result of some really bad BANK practices. Wow, did that ever hurt us all.

Buying Florida Houses Selling Florida Homes


buying Florida housesHowever, I continued to learn and did not stop. The knowledge I have gained is massive and now I apply that knowledge to buying Florida houses selling Florida homes each day using the very BANKS that hurt us all in the first place to accomplish my goals.

“My goal is to take FLORIDA HOUSES away from the BANKS and turn them into FLORIDA HOMES that families can afford to own because they are provided UNDER market value prices.”

Sounds a little bit like Robin Hood doesn’t it? Well, it is sort of like that actually! When the banks did their dirty dealings the powers in our government used our tax payer money to commit one of the worst atrocities upon the American public and most people don’t even realize it. They used OUR taxpayer money to bail out the banks. This grossly empowered the banks to take all the homes away from good American families. Just let that sink in for a moment…

These hard working families were driven out from their family homes ontoselling Florida homes the streets, apartments and into extended family situations. But what happened to their family homes? Well, the banks started stockpiling up so many houses that they could not handle the load. These people’s FLORIDA homes ended up sitting empty for years. Years that they could have even stayed living in them! The homes were vandalized, ransacked, abandoned, forgotten and of course they deteriorated as time passed them by. Pretty sick isn’t it?

The situation actually became so bad that Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac had to step in and balance the situation out! Is your mind closed to this because you were not one of these hard hit families? Were you not paying attention? This really happened! Not in the 1950′s but just a few years ago! In fact, THIS IS WHERE I GET MANY OF THESE FLORIDA HOMES – FROM THE VERY BANKS THAT STOLE THEM!!!!

Buying Florida Houses Selling Florida Homes – How?

renovating Florida homesACQUISITIONING: What I do is get these Florida houses away from the bank REO (real state owned) departments. This is how I am buying Florida houses selling Florida homes today. I seek these homes out and even have others seeking them out too. We contract them and purchase them as bank owned properties.

Renovating: Then, I have work crews go and clean them all up, make needed repairs and provide them to buyers for much less then the other homes in the neighborhood cost. This pretty much insures they can secure a loan for the purchase. Additionally, they are left with a nice house with nice equity built in already! Win, win as far as buying Florida houses selling Florida homes goes. Come claim a Florida dream home for yourself, your family, your retirement or as a second home. We even have beach houses from time to time!

DO YOU WANT A FLORIDA HOME? All you have to do is call me! 214-702-2941

buy Florida houses sell Florida homes


Selling: Don’t spend one single extra dime! I can provide you with a Florida home that is a wonderful deal for you and your family. Just like I said, there will even be equity left in the home for you! Not some over priced home that is being pushed at you by a random Realtor seeking big commissions…

All you have to do is call me. No pressure. Just tell me what you are looking for and I will let you know what I have available. I can even go after a specific home for you if you can’t figure out who owns it or how to get it back from the bank.


Florida property search results

Flipping Real Estate And Pancakes On Motorcycles


Flipping Real Estate And Pancakes On Motorcycles
By Scott Wright Google

Flipping real estate and pancakes on motorcycles was so much fun today! It’s not every day you can combine all your favorite things together. However, today was one of those wonderful days. You should have been there. Your are invited to join us the on our next ride.

Flipping Real Estate And Pancakes On Motorcycles

Flipping Real Estate And Pancakes On Motorcycles


Today I woke up for an early motorcycle ride with some friends who are also involved in real estate investing. These friends of mine are different then most of my real estate investing friends. What is different about them is that they do very few deals each year. In fact, they often limit themselves to one deal per year. As a result of their style of real estate investing they actually live a very comfortable lifestyle. Comfortable enough to be flipping real estate and pancakes on motorcycles just about any day of the week. Does that mean anything to you? Well, it does to me!

houses near Millenia Mall

I would bet there are very few people you know who could actually go on a motorcycle ride with me just about any day of the week. I mostly go off on my own during the week. However, the two of them, like myself, live a very laid back lifestyle. A lifestyle others believe they can not achieve. Personally, I do not understand why more people are not involved in real estate investing. At just about every level there are wonderful, fun and lucrative things that just about anyone can do to raise wealth.

connect with ScottLet me share a fact with you. It is very difficult to find friends who can do things during the week. For me, flipping real estate and pancakes on motorcycles are three of my favorite things to do in life. So, when I do meet someone who is truly free to do as they wish I tend to celebrate the more simple things in life with them. Things such as silly hobbies like fixing up old worn out motorcycles and turning into mean lean street machines. It is so much fun and I love it.

Flipping Real Estate And Pancakes On Motorcycles Is Living Good!

Today, we celebrated life, the cool air, warm sunshine, pancakes and three motorcycles that were found, rebuilt and restored. Sure, they are not perfect but they represent a great deal of fun to us. They bring us play time, friendship and happiness. It is all for a good time. A good time anytime of the week. Day or night does not matter. The day of the weekFlipping Real Estate And Pancakes Is Great does not even matter. Real estate investing provides us with freedom. The freedom to be out flipping real estate and pancakes on motorcycles. You know, the important stuff in life…

Today we did something we rarely do. We got up and left our home on a Sunday. The weekend! We have grown to despise Saturdays and Sundays. These are days when hoards of people who work normal nine to five jobs flood out onto the streets. These folks crowd into the malls and every conceivable outdoor nature location. They completely destroy the peace with their crazed rush for time off from the work place and little cubicles. Listen to me. You get used to doing these things on a Monday or Tuesday and you are the only one out there. No lines, no crowds, no noise and no crazy “Jerry Springer Show” drama in the movie theaters.  Anyway, we work up, jumped on our motorcycles and went out for pancakes at a local IHOP on a Saturday. RARE!

It was an interesting day to say the least. We had to wait with other people an entire 14 minutes for a table. One lady in line had her underwear rolled down over the top of her jeans and was falling out of her shirt. There was also guy with tattoos and a crazy goatee. He was smoking one of those silly steam producing smokeless cigars waiting for a seat. Three pregnant Latino girls very loudly taking about cheating on their husbands. This is all very insane actually in our minds. That is why I say “Jerry Springer folks” come on on the weekends. So, we waited in line to sit at what we consider a ‘junk food’ or ‘fast food’ restaurant. Don’t get me wrong please. We are far from snobs. However, these practices are very common and people rarely take even a moment to thing about what they are actually doing. We call this “idiocracy”. Have you ever seen that movie? It’s an oldy but was right on the money about the future. Nothing like us going out flipping real estate and pancakes on motorcycles.

Nancy Is A Future Real Estate InvestorWhen we sat down at our table I noticed a nice couple sitting at the next table on my left. I instantly felt that in some way they were “special” or supposed connected to me in some way right from the start of my pancake order. As our meal progressed the feeling grew stronger and stronger. I tried to completely ignore the feeling and theFuture Real Estate Investor Erich couple until I heard the woman say to her friend “we need to concentrate on building a network”. At that point I could not resist. Network building and team building are two of my most favorite things. So, I spoke up and asked the lady just what type of network they were wanting to build. Guess what her answer was? A real estate investor network. God is amazing!

A Day Flipping Real Estate And Pancakes On Motorcycles Comes To An End But Not Before Having An Unexpected Conversation…

We rode our motorcycles around Sanford, Lake Mary, Deberry, Longwood, Osteen and Stone Island as we went around the entire beautiful Lake Monroe. It was a perfect day. I had a belly full of wonderful butter milk pancakes that lasted me all the way till dinner time. Just when I thought my day was over I received a wonderful call via TWITTER. I had a fantastic conversation with one of my 12,139 Twitter friends in my social network.

Guess what we talked about? Real estate investing, hard money lending and flipping real estate. What a fantastically perfect Saturday! You should join us the next time…

Florida property search results

Cash For Sanford Houses


Cash For Sanford Houses
By Scott Wright Google

Cash For Sanford Houses is the motto of one local millionaire who presents local home owners with a quick cash offer for their Sanford homes. To say the very least, the guy has a really good buying track record. Maybe you should sell your property to him. There is nothing to lose: CLICK RIGHT HERE

cash for Sanford houses

Cash For Sanford Houses – It’s Simple!

Cash For Sanford Houses
This Sanford, Florida home is a three bedroom two bathroom house. It is actually very spacious inside. Featuring large, over sized bedrooms. The after repair value is consistent with $70k-$85k price range after repairs. The house next door was just quick sold to an FHA buyer for $77,000.00 with an appraised value of over $85,000.00. Renters are willing to pay $750.00 – $850.00 per month to rent this house. No waiting. Good renters are waiting to move in. In other words this Sanford house is in a very high rental community.

back side image

This is the back side of the home (white). This is a great two home wholesale property deal at $39,000.00

To see the other home click here – will open in new tab.
For owner financing offer click here

right side images

Right side from rear of home

Second House Back Entry

Second House Bathroom and Water Heater

dinning room

living room


bedroom master

bedroom 2

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