Cheap Orlando Area REO Properties


Cheap Orlando Area REO Properties
By Scott Wright Google

Cheap Orlando area REO properties are not always easy to locate. I will post the ones I have access to right here when I can. Often it takes me a few days to upload them here to the website so it is best to sign in at for instant property alerts. These are sent directly to your email. The properties I source usually only last a few days. Investors scoop them up quickly. So, if you are looking for cheap Orlando area REO properties I suggest you sign in. Seriously, these opportunites do not last. The people with their money linned up and ready to go are the people who are taking these down quickly. Do you need help getting funding linned up for yourself? may be of assistance.

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Restoring Claw Foot Tubs


Restoring Claw Foot Tubs
By Scott Wright Google
restoring clawfoot tubs
Restoring Claw Foot Tubs is not as difficult as you might think it would be. I have been locating and restoring clawfoot tubs for years. I install these tubs in homes I purchase that have some kind of historical value. Sometimes I simply install them because they are very rare and desirable. Clawfoot tubs that are the geniune historical tub are a rare find. They can become a marvelous centerpiece in any home’s bathroom. The value added can also be immeasureable.

Restoring Claw Foot Tubs – A Rare Opportunity

I actually found this clawfoot tub on Orlando Craigs List. It was listed in an advertisment without a photo for $85.00 cash. A fantastic deal to say the least. This being said, there are a few things you should watch out for when looking for an old claw foot tub.

  • There should be no cracks in the tub
  • Chipping of the porcelin is not desireable however it is repairable
  • Intact feet are great but rare. No worries you can find them online
  • Knock on the tub bottom with a hard object to be sure it is not thin from corrosion

clawfoot tub restoration

It does not really matter how ugly the tub you find is. In fact, I love it when I find a really ugly clawfoot tub. The clean up is not only fun but the transformation is amazing in a photo journal. One idea: I enjoy featuring the photos of the actual claw foot tub restoration in the completed bathroom. It becomes an amazing center peice of the room.

Corrosion on a cast iron tub is typical. The one I am working on here in these photos was found way out in the back yard of two lady’s home. At some point they abandoned the tub in the back yard. It had sat for over 20 years on it’s bottom.

Restoring Claw Foot Tubs Images And More

You only need a few tools for restoring a clawfoot tub. Probably a lot less then you would think you would need. When I am restoring claw foot tubs I only use the following tools:

  • how to restore clawfoot tubsHand Grinder
  • Cutting Wheel
  • Wire Wheel
  • Face Shield
  • Gloves
  • Power Cord

When you get the tub all cleaned up and all the corrosion is removed then you will need a few really cheap painting tools. We will get to that in a moment.

Make sure you wear gloves and a face sheild at all times. You only get two eyes in this lifetime. Protect them! This process is very simple. If the feet have screws holding them on try to remove them. In most cases they will break off because they are so old. Carefully use the grinder with the cutting wheel to cut the foot off. The best place to do this is right behind the screw. Just pay very close attention so you do not cut the bottom of the tub.
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Once this part of the foot is cut off you should be able to tap it off with a hammer. Sometimes, you can just use the hammer to knock the foot off and the bottom of the screw will break off. Saving you some time with the grinder. Either way, this process only takes a few moments. In fact, the entire tub exterior restoration looks like a huge job but it only takes about two hours from start to finish.

Restoring Clawfoot Tubs – Just Get Rid Of The Corrosion

restoring clawfoot tubThe primary thing you need to do is get the corrosion off the exterior of the tub. A 4 inch grinder with a wire wheel to match will make this process go really fast. Simply run the wire wheel over all the surfaces on the bottom of the tub. Hold the wire wheel at a steep angle so you are at about a 45 degree angle to the tub. You will be amazed at how quickly the rust and dirt come flying off the tub. By the way, it is best to do this outside! This process will make a huge dust storm of old metal corrosion if you are inside. Be preparied when restoring claw foot tubs. Wear a dust mask, eye protection and if you are inside make sure you open a window and close the door to the room you are in. Otherwise, you will fill the entire house with metal dust. That is the very last thing you need. The clean up would be insane.

Before And After Restoring Claw Foot Tubs

restoring clawfoot tub imagesThis is a sample of what you might find under all that corrosion. This is the really exciting part of restoring claw foot tubs. At least for me. I love the history of these old treasures. Check this out.

clawfoot tub historyIt is amazing how the wire wheel will take the corrosion right off of these hidden things. After the make, model and year of the tub is found I usually will highlight these features after the claw foot tub exterior is completely painted. I do this by paiting the letters with silver paint or gold paint. The easiest way to do this in seconds is to use a very small foam paint roller and a very light touch. Sometimes, I even put a small mirror under the tub so people can see this when walking past the clawfoot tub. It is a great conversation piece.

Painting The Bottom When Restoring Claw Foot Tubs

restoring clawfoot tub bottom

The painting is the best part. Realize, the clawfoot tub is cast iron. There will always be flaws, casting mold tabs, rivit weld marks and things like that which will show though your paint. That is okay. This is just part of the way things used to be made. It is what makes a claw foot tub unique.

directory hard money lendersWhat you will need to paint the bottom of your claw foot tub is this:

  • (two) 2-3 inch foam rollers
  • A small 1 inch disposable paint brush
  • 1 pint of Rustolium brand metal rust preventative primer
  • 1 pint of the Rustolium color you want your tub to become

The painting of the exterior of the claw foot tub is the easiest part of restoring claw foot tubs. You simply take a foam roller and roll on a thin coat of Rustolium Rust Preventative Primer. This is the same color as the tub bottom in the image above. Pay very close attention to the paint. Because the tub is cast iron there are very small divits all over the tub. These all need to be filled in. At the same time, you want a thin coat of this primer. Not a thick runny coating. A simple thin coating will do.
red clawfoot tub
Then, after that primer has dried for a few hours take your final color and roll the whole tub over. The exact same way. This time, just make sure you cover all the primer.

TIP: The small foam roller is amazing! You can turn it sideways to paint under the rails (the sides) aka: arm rests. The roller will fit perfectly in that groove.
clawfoot tub painting
Finalize your painting by taking the small brush and touching up around the foot connections. WARNING: The roller can not get into that small space and it will squeeze all the paint out of your roller. This will cause runs. Remember, always use a light touch with your roller.
porcelin repair clawfoot tub
The claw foot tub pocelin is easily repaired and refinished. Even with large scratches, nicks or chipped corners we can repair this. If you are shopping for a clawfoot tub in Florida or if you need a tub restored feel free to give me a call.
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Refinishing clawfoot tubs

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Ugly Bathroom Renovation Using Kurdy


Ugly Bathroom Renovation Using Kurdy
By Scott Wright Google

This bathroom renovation was a compete nightmare. However, when I decided to tackle this ugly bathroom renovation using Kurdy I made an excellent decision. This is why…


Under Toilet Damage

Under Sink Pipe RigUnder Sink Damage

Just this past week in an old house I purchased I discovered a hidden nightmare. It started with a wobbly toilet and escalated from there into the most ugly bathroom renovation using Kurdy that I have ever seen. Let me show you how I renovated this ugly bathroom renovation using Kurdy waterproofing products this week.
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Removing Bathroom Floors

My Bathroom Renovation – It was ugly!

As I stripped away the first layer of tile it became very obvious that there was massive wood sub floor damage underneath. What caused all this damage? Quite simply put: NEGLECT.

The toilet flange was leaking. This is a simple job to repair for sure! All you have to do is simply remove the two bolts that hold your toilet down and install a new wax ring. The whole job costs $6.00 for the wax ring and about $2.00 for the new replacement bolts. (You should always change the bolts).

There was also a leaky bathroom sink drain. Instead of repairing the leak the owner of the property chose to use an expanding spray foam in an attempt to contain the leak. Just so you know, fixing a leak is the only way to repair a leak. Covering it up will always backfire and cause you more issues in the long term. In this situation, not only was the bathroom floor incredibly dangerous but also expensive to repair and very unhealthy to live with. (mold issues and WDO issues) to say the least.

Bathroom 1

The first thing I had to do was remove the old toilet, sink cabinet and bathtub. Behind and under the bathtub was a massive rat’s nest. Believe it or not, this is not uncommon. I live and invest in a pretty nice area. Most of the homes are owned by upper middle class people. Just about 90% of all the tubs I have removed have had some kind of rodent nest underneath it.

This rodent had built a nest that filled up an entire commercial size black garbage bag. The kind of garbage bag you only see on construction sites. The smell of this nest is what ultimately pushed me to the point of completing my ugly bathroom renovation using Kurdy products. Why? Because these products form a waterproof, air tight barrier between the walls, floors and new tile you install. Thus, I would forever lock any smells behind a barrier forever!

Ugly Bathroom Renovation Using Kurdy

bathroom renovation using Kurdy

My ugly bathroom renovation using Kurdy and Schlueter products had some high points and some low points. One of the things I absolutely fell in love with was the schlueter prefabricated shower pan. Now, I am not a huge fan of foam products but this shower pan is pretty amazing. It has pre pitched sides that all slope towards an amazing drain set up. This feature alone saved me so much time and money. I strongly recommend this floor plan product for anyone installing a new shower. It rocks!

ugly bathroom renovation using Kurdy

Ugly Bathroom Renovation Using Kurdy

The Kurdy/Schlueter kit also comes with some really awesome rubber seal/water proof membrane features. This one seals the shower valve forever. Preventing those annoying leaks that inevitably happen when the shower valve cover loosens over time. This little rubber seal and membrane makes it forever impossible for the valve cover to ever allow water to leak into the wall. EVEN IF IT WAS COMPLETELY REMOVED IT WOULD NEVER LEAK. Now that is cool stuff.

Also, my ugly bathroom renovation using Kurdy had an incredible drain assembly. The drain seals in with thinset mortar and has a square plastic guard that keep the mud from going down the drain. This stays in place all the way till the end of the job. Making it very easy to align your tile, mud and grout while keeping it all out of the drain. The coolest feature of all is the little insert in the middle of the drain. You actually seal a small square of your tile or stone to this center piece. Then the shower floor looks contiguous. The water drains thought the tile itself. Now this, is super cool.

My Ugly Bathroom Renovation Using Kurdy

using Kurdy membrane The Kurdy membrane is actually very simple to use. You put the membrane on any wall surface. Yes, “any wall surface” and you use your mud to seal it to the wall just like you would do with tile. However, you use a trowel that has 1/8th inch grooves. One thing they did not tell me that I had to learn on my own was that the mud you use should be a little bit on the side of wet. This allows the mud to really soak into the membrane. You will know you are applying it correctly if you can see the orange membrane turning a little bit grey.

As you can see in the photo to the right. The Schlueter/Kurdy kit comes with the floor, the curb and enough membrane to do any shower area. This is the whole kit in one photo I took. Notice how the orange membrane is picking up the mortar mix. You can tell because it is turning a bit grey and splotchy looking. You can also see that I overlapped the membrane by at least 2 inches. This is critical. You must have overlap at all seams!
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How to do Kurdy seamsKurdy/Schlueter makes the seams pretty easy. If you don’t want to overlap your material they actually provide some really nice corner and wall seams. They are pre-cut so they are very simple to apply. Kind of a dream come true for the guy wanting to make the job simple. Just mud these right on top of every seam in the material and in all the corners and your done!

In this photo you can also see my shower curb material from the underside. The mud (mortar) actually goes up inside those open notches. This helps insure that the curb attaches firmly to the floor. Then, you go over this from the inside floor edge over the top of the curb to the outside floor. You can also use a piece of schlueter material to attach the curb to the wall as well. Then, when you tile over the curb, walls and floor it becomes as strong as an army tank. Pretty impressive material. Nice product.
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Finishing My Ugly Bathroom Renovation Using Kurdy

After all the work is done. This is how my ugly bathroom renovation using Kurdy and Schlueter products looks. The company claims that at this point the entire shower is waterproof. In fact, they claim that you can actually use the shower just like this without putting tile on the walls or floor. Additionally, they have a shower at their showroom that has been running for 12 years holding water without any tile applied. This is according to the local representative for the product.


installing kurdy shower productsOkay, after all is said and done I do have a few complaints about this product. My first complaint is that Kurdy could have made the material a little easier to apply if they had cut the roll of material to match the outside measurement of the floor pan. It only makes sense. The overlapping and installation would have been so much easier if the only thing you had to cut was the vertical length of the roll. My second complaint is that the wall material is big time overkill for most shower applications. Think about it, the construction industry has been using concrete backer board, drywall green board and hardy board for years to build perfect showers that never leak. If you apply your tile correctly to any of these products it will last for many years. Lastly, my final compliant is about time. Lets face it. Most people can not be without a shower for a week. Contractors also have a massive time constraint if they wish to be paid for a completed job. This product creates a ticking time bomb situation. You apply this just like you do tile. So, you have to apply it, and wait a day for it to dry before you apply tile. This adds at a minimum one extra day to your job! Complete overkill.

Still, I love my new shower. In my situation this shower is in a wooden home. A bungalow with a craw space under the bathroom. So for me, this product adds a bit of peace of mind. A lot can go wrong in a wooden house of this kind. Better to be safe then sorry in this situation. If you don’t want a small leak to turn into a nightmare like this one then use the Kurdy product.  It is a wonderful product for waterproofing an old wooden house. That is for certain! When I decided to tackle this ugly bathroom renovation using Kurdy I made an excellent decision.

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Earn Massive Money Online


Earn Massive Money Online
By Scott Wright Google

Earn Massive Money Online
It truly is possible to earn massive money online! No doubt the internet is an incredible money making tool. I use it each and every day to earn massive money online. But realize this! It is a tool in my money making efforts. The internet is not really making anyone money. It is a tool that enables us to make money. Face it, the internet alone is just a broadcast system. If you are not developing something to broadcast and share then you have nothing and the internet is basically worthless to you.

earn massive money online

At SKID TOP I use the internet to earn massive money online. Anyone can do what I do to earn money online. It is not rocket science. I can say this with confidence because I worked for NASA for many years before leaving that career to do what I do now. Right here on the internet.

speedy property salesHow I Earn Massive Money Online

The first thing you will notice when you visit my SKID TOP website is that you are readily told what my program is about before you even have to fill in your email address. You are never ever asked to make a payment.

Earn massive money online starting today. Today, the internet is completely saturated with money making claims. Most of these offers are scams. It makes finding anything legitimate nearly impossible. But, this is only half the problem. The other half of this problem is that mostly lazy people are seeking ways to earn massive money online using the internet. For some reason they think it is possible to click on a button that instantly makes them a millionaire. That is why it is best to just stay away from anything that promises money or income with no effort on your part. That is simply a bogus concept.

I am going to see this movie today while you are at work!

You have to apply yourself to making massive money online!

Face the facts! People who achieve great wealth all have a success story to tell. It’s true. Successful people embarked upon a journey that led to their success. They did not earn massive money online or anywhere else just by handing someone a dollar or clicking on a website button. It will never happen. If you think it will then go ahead and click and pay all day. Watch what happens to you. Nothing good to be sure. Why? Because successful people had to work at it (at least a little bit) and THEN they met with great success. Only after they applied a strong effort did they have a great success story to tell others. This is exactly what I wish to share with you today. My success story about how I am able to earn massive money online every single month.

I hope you enjoy my journey. It took me a lot of trial and error to fine tune what I do.

How I Earn Massive Money Online – No SECRETS
Allow me to be very clear with you. I am promising you nothing! What I am about to do is share with you how I am able to earn massive money online. One thing that I am NOT going to do is cloud or hide how I earn massive money online behind “SECRETS”. People use the word “SECRETS” or phrases like this: “Learn The Secrets of How To Earn Massive Money Online”. Then the next thing they do is tell you to buy something. A money making program, buy a subscription or pay for information. THIS IS NOT what I do. I simply tell my story and show you how you can earn massive money online by following what I have done and applying it to your own life.

Want to learn how I earn massive money online? Learn more about myself, my methods and SKID TOP today. I think you will enjoy what I am going to show you. You might even want to join me! You are very welcome to do so. Follow along now…

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Pink Plaster Patchwork


Pink Plaster Patchwork
By Scott Wright Google

Pink Plaster Patchwork – The title might seem a bit catchy but it is quite a bit of work to properly repair plaster walls The trick is to apply enough force to remove picture nails without cracking the plaster. Then, the holes left by the nails must be filled, smoothed, sanded and prepped for new paint. Lets fix these pink plaster walls together.

Pink Plaster Patchwork

pink plaster

Pink Plaster Patchwork – Repairing Damaged Plaster Walls

The painted pink plaster actually grew on me as I was working on it. I am not a huge fan of pink. Let alone pink plaster walls. At first they seemed offensive to my style. However, after a day of working on the old walls the color has become more of a favorite of mine. Still, I am about to paint over the pink plaster walls. Some color more appropriate like “True Taupe” by Behr.

Pink Plaster – Pink Plaster – Pink Plaster (Say that three times fast!)

plaster patchworkThese pink plaster walls can be tricky to repair. You have to consider the way they are built in the first place to understand why you have to take such great care when making repairs. These plaster walls are about 100 years old. They use a technique called mud lathing. The house is built with real 2″x 4″ studs. Then, very thin strips of wood lathe are nailed perpendicular to the vertical studs. Finally a thick coat of plaster was applied to these lathe strips.The space between the lathe strips is what holds the plaster on the wall. Sounds tricky right?


Behind these pink plaster walls over the past 100 years something has been happening. Typically, as the house breathes through these walls the warm dry air currents are drawn up into the attic. Over time, these lathe strips become very dry and brittle. So, when someone drives a nail though the plaster to hang a picture several things can happen.

First off, there is a 75% chance that they are going to hit one of these wooden lathe strips with their nail. That means there is about a 25% chance that they will not hit any wood at all and only strike the plaster. What happens is like the spin of the roulette wheel.

What Can Go Wrong With Plaster Walls When Hanging Pictures?

  • Crush plaster with a hammer
  • Break the old wooden plaster lath in the wall (most common)
  • Create a spider web of cracks in the pink plaster wall
  • Cause the pink plaster to actually fall off the wall
  • Hit the nail too hard and put the hammer though the wall.

Plaster Wall RepairsIs there a better way to hang things on this pink plaster wall? Yes! When it comes to old plaster, one of the best ways to hang a photo is to use a “Tap Con” concrete drill bit and a high speed drill. Drill a pilot hole for your hanging device (nail, picture hanger). Gently screw a concerete screw into the wall making sure it is not too big for the hole. Hang your picture on that.

Back in the early days they actually would have a picture rail. This rail would look similar to a chair rail. Only, it had a small gap at the top between the wall and the wood trim rail. This rail would be about six inches from the ceiling. People who truly loved their pink plaster walls would actually hang their picture frames from ribbons or string attached to a hook. This hook would go over the top of the picture rail. It was kind of a brilliant idea back in the olden days. Now, we carelessly drive nails, screws and other things into beautiful pink plaster walls. Sometimes with catastrophic results.

Pink Plaster Cup CakesLove your pink plaster walls! Treat them with a little respect no matter what color they are. They have been around for a really long time. These walls were made to last. Not only that but they are becoming quite rare.

You will never find your pink plaster walls smelling bad (like Chinese drywall). Plaster walls actually keep your house cool. Plaster is like concrete too. It can actually stop a bullet on occasion. My pink plaster patchwork soon will be another color. But I will never forget these fantastic and amazing.  PINK PLASTER WALLS…..

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Florida historic home discovered

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Central Florida Realtor Nightmares


Central Florida Realtor Nightmares
By Scott Wright Google

Central Florida Realtor Nightmares – You may think being a Realtor is easy. However, some local sellers can cause potentially serious Central Florida Realtor nightmares. Rarely do you find a seller who is unwilling to lift a finger to help sell his or her property. When you actually run into this type of seller (person) as a Realtor you should run the other way! YES, cancel your listing agreement immediately! kill your dreams of selling this type of person’s home because it “ain’t going to happen”. This is a true story about a recent Central Florida Realtor nightmare that I just witnessed myself.


Central Florida Realtor Nightmares

Central Florida Realtor Nighmares

It seems that most Realtor nightmares start off as a possible dream sale. Then as time progresses the truth about the actual situation turns into Realtor nightmares. This is just such a situation. The sellers presented themselves as affluent, intelligent, business minded and they truly Central Florida Realtorsseemed to be motivated to sell their property. However, as time moved on it became more evident with each passing day that the seller had no intentions of making selling their home an easy task. In fact, this seller might just prove to be a closet narcissist. Maybe “ego maniac” might sum it up a bit. Who knows?

For whatever reason these sellers decided that they were going to list the price $30,000 – $50,000 above the average sales prices of the homes in their neighborhood. The Realtor should have gotten a clue right here! This being said, and to the Realtor’s defense the house does have one interesting feature that at first presents itself as a possible transaction blessing. This home has one feature that no other home in the community has. It has a “mother-in-law suite”. Sounds pretty nice right? WRONG! As it would turn out, this feature was a complete curse!

IMG_20140811_065259The seller also had this “back house” rented. It was producing income. Now, this might be a major plus! Okay, so maybe this house actually is worth a little more then the rest of the homes in the community. Maybe, maybe just maybe!

Well don’t hold your breath… Halfway though the showing process and open houses the HOA (Home Owners Association) Attorney stepped in! The attorney declared that the mother-in-law suite was illegally built, illegally occupied, creating illegal rental income and not only did not conform to their deed restricted community guidelines and that it was and unadulterated violation of all County building codes related to this neighborhood. In their own words the structure could not be used as a living quarters for anyone. A true Central Florida Realtor nightmare!
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IMG_20140811_071103To the Realtor’s surprise even more nightmarish drama was about to unfold. In addition to the level of unexpected sales challanges, it was also revealed to the Realtor (after listing the home) that all the work on the main house was done without pulling any permits. What a shock!

The City Code Enforcement Officers had already sighted the owners even prior to them listing the property with the Realtor! There were several fresh, active Code Enforcement Liens on the property that the owner failed to reveal. Can you believe this? So, after listing the property there were City inspectors were crawling all over this property. Actually while it was actively listed for sale! The City cited the owner and placed construction liens against the home for improperly installed doors, a roof done without a permit, a water heater added to the attic, no hot water balancing vales, inadequate bathroom venting and other issues. The owner was already stressed out when the Realtor found out. The sellers had to be told them they can not sell their home with such issues open and pending. They knew this. They just thought they could “get it all solved before they had to mention it to anyone”. Say what?!!
Southeast Professional Title 407-f39-0781
It took well over a month for the sellers to even start making any attempts to satisfy the code enforcement liens. No progress was being made and then once they did start making the required repairs they were very slow and tedious about making them. However, the whole time they were demanding that the Realtor perform open houses and be fully engaged in showing and selling the home! This placed the Realtor in a very awkward situation to say the very least. How do you sell a home with so many openly visible flaws?

Real Central Florida Realtor Nightmares – They usually come from a nightmarish person!

Even after listing the house for sale with the unsuspecting Realtor, code enforcement inspectors were showing up to evaluate the seller’s repair progress.

Central Florida Realtor Nightmares Fact Review:

IMG_20140811_065747FACT #1: All liens must be satisfied. Fraudulent Seller’s Disclosure A seller listing the home for sale with a Realtor without disclosing the seriousness of this situation could easily represent or be interpreted to be a fraudulent seller’s disclosure.
FACT #2: Misrepresentation Of Illegal Situations A seller attempting to represent that they have a legal mother-in-law suite or any other structure that is currently “RENTED OUT” and is actually “Income Producing” without adding the facts about this situation being fraudulent, illegal and blatantly against all HOA (Home Owner Association) policies is also a major example of potential Central Florida Realtor nightmares. A legal nightmare too!
Fact #3: Slow Documentation Issues Once the issues are corrected with Code Enforcement department and City legal staff it can take time to get though the bureaucracy. For these liens to show up on the internet and even in the paper system as “SATISFIED” can sometimes take a great deal of time. So as a Realtor you are going to have problems trying to prove to other diligent buyer’s Realtors that these issues are actually satisfied and corrected. Then you have to prove this to the Title Company as well as Title Insurance underwriters.


BAD SELLERS – Central Florida Realtor Nightmares

Now, what I am going to share with you next is complete INSANITY. You may not even believe it to be true. To help you actually see that this is true I am going to share my photographs of the actual property issues. You won’t believe your eyes.

IMG_20140811_070544FACTS SO FAR

  • Property is the most expensive in the neighborhood
  • Home has/had open code enforcement violations when it was listed
  • Back home (mother-in-law suite) is illegally rented per the City Attorney
  • The property is being listed as “income producing”.
  • HOA deems the back structure to be outside of the deed restricted community guidelines.


  • Sellers refuse to make any further repairs
  • Sellers refuse to clean the property up
  • Sellers refuse to do even the most basic touch ups
  • Sellers refuse to address anything mentioned by a buyer’s certified inspector
  • Sellers continuously argued with the Realtor that they wanted themselves AND their two little children present during all showings! Sellers were present and actually walking buyer’s and buyer’s agents around the property pushing the Realtor aside at the beginning of the sales process. The most critical point in the selling process. Talk about confusion! Children jumping up and down in buyer’s faces, wife arguing with the Realtor, husband trying to up sell everything and put a spin on it all. It was spastic!
  • Sellers even have abandoned HAZARDOUS high pressure gas cylinders on the property that they will not remove.
  • Sellers have piles of trash around the yard that they are unwilling to clean up or remove
  • And the list of realtor nightmares goes on!

Here are some of the photos. Have a good laugh or cry. For this Realtor it is a “mission impossible” Although it looks like there may be a pending contract there is a very high likelihood that the new inspector will also fail the home. There are a ton of repairs needed. Worst of all, the seller refuses to make any repairs in excess of $1000. Nor will the seller give any concessions that equate to more then that number. In other words, the buyer is responsible for any and all repairs in excess of $1000. This means, any curative efforts that need to be made prior to closing must be paid for by the buyer.


good sanford florida realtor

I don’t know about you but I thought this was a true representation of Central Florida Realtor nightmares. Have you ever faced anything like this? If so, how about leaving a comment below. I would love to hear from you.


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Florida Home Staging Accessories


Florida Home Staging Accessories
By Scott Wright Google

I buy and sell homes and it has often occurred to me that home staging is the best possible scenario for selling my houses. The first issue for me has always been where to find good Florida home staging accessories. The second issue is where to find those good Florida home staging accessories cheap. Hopefully, I am about to help you locate some excellent Florida home staging accessories cheap. (See what we have here)

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Florida Home Staging Accessories Available

Florida home staging accessoriesIn preparation for my home staging adventures I started packing away some excellent Florida home staging accessories for myself. You know, left over garage sale stuff I picked up and things I have found along the way that I could use to stage my houses when they are ready to sell. Some of these things just sit around so I was thinking of allowing others to grab up some of them to use in their own home staging efforts. Heck, I like to share. So, I am giving it a try. (See what we have here)

Simple Access To Cheap Florida Home Staging Accessories

The only issue I might have with listing my available Florida home staging accessories is this: I don’t have a ton of time to list each item and then track it. So, what I suggest is that you bookmark this Good Dogspage and check in often to see what I have listed. At the prices I list this stuff I am sure much of it is going to vanish very quickly. I will do my very best to put a “SOLD” sign on each item as it sells so that you will instantly know if it is available or not. So please, do check in. The best way to do this is subscribe to my RSS FEED here.

Happy Florida home staging folks! I hope you enjoy my Florida home staging accessories. The idea is to keep these items super cheap so if you agree to meet me to pick up these items please SHOW UP ON TIME. Thanks!

Scott Wright


(See what we have here)
furniture near obt area



OBT Area Employment Options


OBT Area Employment Options
Orange Blossom Trail area employment options
By Scott Wright Google

OBT Area employment income

Stressed out? Worried about money? The Orange Blossom Trail area does not have any jobs for you or any way for you to make some money. Stuck at the house with no way to make some cash. Well, that is normal for the OBT Area. That is why you need to take matters into your own hands all the time. I want to share with you something you can start up at home or anywhere you are.

Get Paid – Any City, Any State, Any Country! Start training right now for FREE – CLICK HERE NOW!

About OBT area employment optionsOBT area employment
OBT area employment options are often very limited. So many people live in this area around Orange Blossom Trail. We are a hard working people who know how to take matters into their own hands when needed. Options are desperately needed in the Orange Blossom Trail area today. I am about to share with you an opportunity that you can run from home. You can do this!

This is a real, live legitimate business opportunity. You can run this right out of your home or even add it to your existing business. There are over 3000 ways to make money with this company and it has been in business here for 16 years now. The fact is that this is a business opportunity. A business you can run for yourself. It is a great OBT area employment option for you, your friends and your family.

Orange Blossom Trail Employment

OBT Area Employment

Save the OBT area! Start making some money and put it back into the local economy. If everyone around here starts making money together we can build our community into something fantastic. We an all drive nice cars, fix up our houses and eat great food together. There is no limits to how much money we can make or how much we can do. It is all up to you!

Taking OBT Area Employment Seriously

If you live here you already know that help has never really come to this area. Instead, we have to suffer in this area. So, I tell you today, if you take control of this for yourself you can go very far. Take it seriously, learn everything you can, team up with others and you will become a huge success using this OBT area employment opportunity. Employ yourself. Trust in yourself. Become as wealthy as you desire. You can do it!

Want to see more income opportunities you can use in the Orange Blossom Trail Area? I can hook you up with even more money making help. Its right at your finger tips. I hope you clicked on the banner above. This is a great way to make money.


Orange Blossom Trail Income Assistance

Orange Blossom Trail Jobs

Free Real Estate Flipping Assistance


Free Real Estate Flipping Assistance
By Scott Wright Google

Welcome to my free real estate flipping assistance course offer.

I must start out by being very clear with you. I am NOT a real estate seminar GURU type. Instead, I am a guy who has been in the streets investing in real estate full time since 2001. How much money can you make as a real estate investor, real estate wholesaler or real estate flipper? Well, I was actually able quit my NASA career doing this on the side.

free real estate flipping assistance

 Free Real Estate Flipping Assistance

In my first three months as a real estate investor I was able to amass assets in excess of what I made in an entire year of working on rockets, the space shuttle and the International Space Station. Do you know what the funny thing about this is? Never have I ever even looked back or wished I could go back to a 9-5 job! You can make as much money as you can imagine in real estate investing.

“Honestly,the only thing that limits you is you!” ~Scott Wright

When I say that to people I know their minds start coming up with reasons why they may not succeed as a real estate investor. The reasons they come up with are usually all the same. This is why I like to offer people free real estate flipping assistance. It is like me being able to prove to others that they CAN actually do this. I like to show people for free by offering them free real estate flipping assistance that if they do not do this and succeed that they only person they have to blame is themselves. Still, even when I offer this assistance for free and try to show them FOR FREE that they can do this I hear such excuses as:

  • I have bad credit
  • I don’t have any money
  • I am not a realtor
  • I don’t have a lawyer
  • I have a family that tells me I will fail
  • I don’t know anybody
  • I have a full time job
  • I need to do the math
  • I am not handy

People can come up with so many self defeating reasons why they will fail as a real estate investor. Before they ever try. Even if it is not going to cost them anything. No matter how the free real estate flipping assistance is it is not FREE enough! It is amazing! Let me tell you this! DO NOT limit yourself with this type of thinking that I outlined above. There are so many ways to get started as a real estate investor that none of these above reasons matter. They do not matter in the least.

just give call

Every single one of these reasons applied to me at one time or another. At least, I believed they applied to me. Fact is, they did not apply to anyone. I was still able to get started and become a huge success as a private real estate investor. So can you!

I am offering you free real estate flipping assistance today.


Each day, over the next year I will send you an email. Each email will start with a positive saying or quote like this one below:

“If you’ll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives.”

Just a little positive thought to focus on during your day. The free real estate flipping assistance I offer is not limited by anything except for you. Not only do I offer free real estate flipping assistance in the form of training and tips. I also offer you real assistance in finding, funding and selling the properties you yourself want to flip. How much better could it possibly get? Well, I can tell you this. Nobody else is offering free real estate flipping assistance like I am. Free!

free flipping real estate courseI think you are going to love the way I set my free real estate flipping assistance program up for you. I have struggled to make this totally free for everyone.I wanted the average person AND EVEN the person struggling to survive to be able to afford to learn this. I have seen how this knowledge has changed the lives of people all around me. This can totally change your life. It does not matter if you are rich or even poor. You can do what I am going to teach you how to do this all by yourself.

THIS IS 100% FREE – From Me To You!

POOR OR HURTING?: If you are living out on the streets and reading this in a library or at the church. No matter how poor you think you are right now I urge you to grab hold of this opportunity. This could really change things up for you and your family. I would truly love to help you with this…

For Your Free Real Estate Flipping Assistance Training Course All You Have To Do…

Realtor Assistance Improving Sales Rates


Realtor Assistance Improving Sales Rates
By Scott Wright Google

Realtor Assistance – How to dramatically improve your sales rates, improve commission rates and real estate listings success rates. It’s free and fast too! STOP being locked down by slow moving real estate sales!

realtor assistance


realtor sales assistanceRealtor Assistance Is Here! – Have you been trying to come up with ways to improve your sales rates? I work with many Realtors each month. I have come up with some pretty creative ways to improve your sales rates. There are some very modern tactics that will quickly speed up your sales. Some, you may have never even heard of before. I use these myself to help banks liquidate their foreclosure and REO assets and this works great! So, put your thinking cap on, lower your walls for a moment and focus on what I am about to share with you. You might quickly learn how to double your sales rates for next month, next week or even tomorrow. Your sellers will love you and you might even become the top listing agent wherever your hang your license. So, listen up!


“THIS IS 100% True! It is like having your own secret power tool as a Realtor. Fast sales makes everyone happy!” ~ Scott

You might agree that for the most part the worst thing about being a Realtor is having to wait for a closing to happen in order to make a commission. Properties are listed and in most cases they sit until the exact buyer comes along and submits a purchase contract. Even then, the closing is never a guaranteed event.

REDUCE FAILED CLOSINGS! All Realtors know that many closings

realtor assistance here actually fall through and do not survive the fall. Then, as a Realtor you have to wait and pray for another buyer to come along. What if there was a way around this? What if you could get a contract on each property that would actually close quickly? What if I told you I have a very simple formula I use that makes this happen over and over again. Best of all, I will share it with you for free. No strings attached!


realtor sales assistance


What if you could list the property ~AND~ actually have it go pending the very same day? That would be a big boost to your sales rates right? I can show you a possible way to make this happen. There is no charge. This is simply how I conduct my own business. I think this might really help you. It is my way of offering Realtor Assistance and it works for everyone involved.


No strings attached – No fees – No hidden costs – 100% Clear, Concise, honest and effective!